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Fröling Energy Tank

  • $4,800.00

119 Gallon Thermal Buffer and High Output Indirect Domestic Hot Water Heater.

The super efficient, 104’ long 1 1/4" corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger, with a surface area of 64 square feet, consistently produces domestic hot water with either low buffer or appliance temperatures.The Energy Tank contains boiler water in the tank and potable water in the coil; the reverse of a typical indirect hot water heater.  Large tappings further increase potential applications for the Energy Tank. (read more)

Description FT 119
Capacity (total) 119 gal
Tank Capacity 108 gal
Maximum Tank Pressure 43.5 psi
Weight 260 lbs
Specification DHW Coil  
Heat Exchanger Surface 64.5 sq. ft.
Maximum Coil Pressure 87 psi
Coil capacity (Domestic Hot Water) 11 gal
Maximum Temperature Domestic Hot Water


Recommended Flow Rate 4 gal/min
Pressure Drop (feet) 2.6 psi
180°F Boiler Water First Hour Rating* 140°F 103 gal
115°F 133 gal

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