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Energy Tank Description Page

119 Gallon Thermal Buffer Tank, Thermal Storage Tank, and High Output Indirect Domestic Hot Water Heater.

The super efficient, 104’ long 1 1/4" corrugated stainless steel heat exchanger, with a surface area of 64 square feet, consistently produces domestic hot water with either low buffer or appliance temperatures.The Energy Tank contains boiler water in the tank and potable water in the coil; the reverse of a typical indirect hot water heater.  Large tappings further increase potential applications for the Energy Tank.

Modern Energy Management

Heating systems are normally designed for the coldest times of the year. However, boilers very rarely have to work at full capacity. For most of the heating period, the average heat consumed is less than 50% of the rated heat output. A storage tank ensures an economic and environmentally-friendly use of energy in spite of boiler sizing difficulties. The buffer holds surplus heat and releases it again to the heat distribution system when required without having to restart the boiler. The Energy Tank is too small for use on its own with cord wood boilers, but is great for smaller pellet boilers. Used as a domestic hot water tank, the Energy Tank also offers high performance even with low supply water temperatures.

Advanced Features

Precise temperature stratification in the tank is crucial for optimal functioning. Stratification ensures that as much energy as possible can be re-used by keeping the hottest water at the top of the tank and the coldest water at the bottom. The Energy Tank features a special stratification baffle designed for this purpose. The extra thick insulation is removable for easier handling of the tank. Heat loss is less than 1/3° Fahrenheit per hour. A sensor bar fixed to the exterior of the tank allows for a large number of sensors at a multitude of locations. The domestic hot water coil is made from 1 ¼” corrugated stainless steel. Vortices are formed in the helically corrugated pipe for optimal turbulence and heat transfer, while also eliminating the growth of Legionella and the formation of mineral deposits.