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Turbomax 23 - Tarm Biomass

Turbomax 23


We offer the Turbomax Instantaneous Indirect water Heater. The Turbomax produces instantaneous hot water at an efficiency rate of over 99% and helps to reduce the accumulation of scale deposits that dimenish the efficiency of traditional water heaters.

  • Turbomax® heats water instantaneously, only when needed and keeps energy consumption to a minimum,
  • Turbomax® has a patented technology with heat transfer efficiency reaching 99%.
  • Turbomax® heats water in greater amounts than any other hot water heater, while minimizing temperature swings.
  • Turbomax® reduces and scrubs the accumulation of scale deposits that diminish the efficiency of traditional water heaters.
  • Turbomax® adapts to all thermal energy sources (wood, wood pellet, oil, gas, oil, electricity, solar, and recuperated heat), the one that suits your needs.
  • Turbomax® heats water without altering it's quality and is an excellent choice anywhere health considerations are a high priority.
  • Turbomax® can be connected to your existing heating system. One boiler is usually eneough.
  • Turbomax® can reduce heating costs by up to 30%.
  • Turbomax® resists corrosion and thermal stress. When properly installed, Turbomax® will outlive and outperform traditional water heaters.
  • Turbomax® is reliable and is covered by a 10-year warranty-one of the best in the industry-even for commercial applications.
Turbomax 23
Domestic hot water produced per hour in U.S. gallons
Net BtUH First Hour
110°F   140°F   180°F
110°F   140°F   180°F
50,000 112       71          47 86         60          43
100,000 198      131        90 172       121       87
150,000 284      192        134 258       181       130
200,000 370      252 344       241
250,000 456      312 429       302
300,000 542 515


Model Tank Volume (gals) Heat Transfer Area (sq. ft.) Utility Connection Boiler Connection Hgt. Diam. Shipping
23 26 19.6 1¼" Sweat M 1¼" NPTM 49" 18" 150

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