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LK 950 Valve Actuator

  • $140.00

LK 950 is a mixing valve actuator can be operated by a controller with a 3-point SPDT output or a proportional 2 (0) - 10 V output. The actuator is fitted with limit switches. The angle of rotation is electrically limited to 90°. An additional auxiliary adjustable switch can be ordered as an accessory.

The actuator can be mounted in any position except below the valve. The actuator is mounted directly onto the valve spindle with a screw. An anti-rotation bolt keeps the actuator in position. When needed, the actuator can be put into manual mode by turning the button on the housing cover 90° clockwise to disengage the gears. The actuator can now be put in any position by turning the handle on the front. The position is indicated on the reversible scale.

Includes mounting kit.


Power Supply 24 VAC
Dimensioning 1.5-3.5 VA
Power Consumption 1.5-3.5 W
Ambient Temperature Min. +32F/Max. +122F
Torque 44/88
Angle of Rotation 90°,electrically limited
Direction of operation Selectable
Running Time 35/70 140/280 s
Manual Overide Disengagement of gears
Position indication Reversible scale
Connection Cable 1.5 m, 3 x 0.75 mm²
Protection Type IP 40


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