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LK 810 Loading Unit Boiler Return Water Tempering and Circulator All In One

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LK 810 is a loading unit for with wood boilers, especially when connected with thermal storage tanks. The loading unit is intended to ensure a high return temperature as well as an optimal temperature stratification in the storage tank, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. Creosote formation and condensation in the boiler are prevented which prolongs boiler life and increases efficiency.

The LK 810 loading unit is a compact design that has an integrated Grundfos 15-58 circulating pump and a thermostatic loading valve that regulates on two ports. The loading unit also has three ball valves to simplify installation and maintenance, three thermometers that allow for simple viewing of the heating process and insulation to minimize heat loss. The loading unit is available in two versions - with or without the check valve.

LK 810 loading unit is installed in the return circuit between the solid fuel boiler and the storage tank. The unit should be mounted upright with the drive-shaft of the circulating pump in a horizontal position. The loading unit is reversible and can easily be adapted for mounting to the right or left of the boiler.

The loading unit normally requires no maintenance. The installation should be checked regularly. Three ball valves allow any part can be changed without draining the system, should the need for servicing arise.  The circulator head is a standard Grundfos 15-58, which is easily replaceable. Includes union gaskets.

Voltage 115 VAC 60Hz
wet consumption 65-95 Watts depending on pump speed
Max. boiler capacity 307260 BTU at 86°F ΔT
Return Temperatures 131°F, 140°F, 149°F or 158°F
Working Temperature Min. +41°F/Max. +230°F
Ambient temperature Min. +41°F/Max. +140°F
Max. working pressure 145 psi
Max. flow 12.3 US GPM
Media Water-Glycol mixture max. 50%
Circulating pump Grundfos UPSO 65 Low Energy
Material, valve body Brass EN 1982 CB752S


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