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LK 110 Smart Comfort Outdoor Reset Mixing Valve Controller 1¼" Sweat Valve Kit

  • $546.00

LK 110 Smart Comfort Outdoor Reset Mixing Valve Controller

Kit Includes:
1 LK 110 Smart Comfort
1 LK180856 LK 840 Mixing Valve
3 LK297223 Sweat Transition Fittings
3 LK 4806SR Silicone Gaskets

LK 110 SmartComfort valve rotary actuating controls are unique electronic outdoor reset (weather compensated) temperature controllers for use in hydronic heating applications. Uniquely, the actuator and controls are built into a single Rubik's Cube sized housing (about 2 1/2") that mounts to the stem of LK mixing valves.  Applications include temperature control of under floor heating, radiant panels, baseboard heating, and other forced hot water residential or commercial temperature control applications.  It is possible to control individual zones or entire manifolds.  By measuring supply and outdoor temperatures, the LK 110 SmartComfort regulates the mixing valve to provide the system with the exact amount of heat required at any given time. Current supply and outdoor temperatures can be read on the controller display.(read more here)

Primary voltage, adapter 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Secondary voltage, adapter 24 VDC
Ambient temperature, actuator Min. 0°C / Max. +50°C (in operation)
Curve slope 1.0 - 9.9
Parallel displacement ± 10°C
Min. supply temperature +5°C - +40°C
Max. supply temperature +20°C - +99°C
Power consumption < 3 VA
Angle of rotation 90°
Torque 44 lb. in
Protection class, actuator IP 40

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