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LK 820 Mixing Valve 1¼" Union Kit


Kit Includes:
1-LK180530 LK 820 Mixing Valve
3-LK4906 Unions
3-4806SR Silicone Gaskets

The LK 820 ThermoVar is a 3-way thermic loading valve for solid fuel/storage tank installations. The valve is intended to ensure both an optimal temperature stratification in the storage tank and high return temperature to the boiler, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. Tarring and condensation are prevented which prolongs boiler life.

The valve can be mounted at any angle. LK 820 ThermoVar can easily be adapted for right or left hand mounting.

As soon as the boiler temperature has reached the selected opening temperature, the thermic valve allows return water from the storage tank to mix with supply water before it circulates back into the boiler. The return temperature is at least the selected opening temperature.

A balancing valve should be installed in the circuit between boiler and loading valve.

The circulating pump should be controlled by a thermostat that measures the boiler's water or flue gas temperature.

Opening temperature  72°C
Working temperatures, 61°C-80°C  Min. +5°C/Max. +110°C
 Ambient temperature  Min. +5°C/Max. +60°C
 Max. working pressure  1.0 MPa (10 Bar)
Max. pressure difference 50 kPa
Media water-Glycol mixture max. 50%
Material, valve body/cover Brass EN 12165 CW617N
Material, O-Ring EPDM

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