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Circuit Transformer


The AT72D is a multimounting, stepdown transformaer for use in 24 Vac control systems. It is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Canadian Standards Associations, and meets NEC Class 2 not wet Class 3 wet requirements. It also complies with 24 V NEMA Type D requirements as specified by NEMA Standard ST2-1979.

AT72D mounting options include foot mounting. plate mounting; plate mounting (transformer all above plate, or 3/4 above plate) for use in 4 x 4 in., 4 in octagon, and 2 x 4 in. electrical boxes; and clam mounting via a junction box knockout.

Application 24 V Controls
 Voltage (Primary)  120V
 Voltage (Secondary)  26.5 V.O.C.
 Mount  Plate
 Width  2-7/32"
 Height  3-7/32"
 Depth  3-1/16"
 VA Rating  40
 Wiring  9" Leadwires
2 Screw Terminals
 Electrical Output  24 Vac at 40 VA
 Hertz  60
 Temperature Range  -20º-105ºF
 NEMA rating  Type D