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LK 110 SmartComfort valve rotary actuating controls are unique electronic outdoor reset (weather compensated) temperature controllers for use in hydronic heating applications. Uniquely, the actuator and controls are built into a single Rubik's Cube sized housing (about 2 1/2") that mounts to the stem of LK mixing valves.  Applications include temperature control of under floor heating, radiant panels, baseboard heating, and other forced hot water residential or commercial temperature control applications.  It is possible to control individual zones or entire manifolds.  By measuring supply and outdoor temperatures, the LK 110 SmartComfort regulates the mixing valve to provide the system with the exact amount of heat required at any given time. Current supply and outdoor temperatures can be read on the controller display.

Smart Comfort may be set to provide maximum temperature, temperature control along  pre-set heating curves, and may be adapted to the heating need further by use of a parallel shift of the heating curve either up or down.

The LK 110 SmartComfort is capable of either right or left hand valve rotation. LED-indicators show if the controller is opening or closing the valve. Symbols on the controller show the chosen function and the LED display shows the setting or value of the function. Adjustments are easily made with the push buttons marked "+" and "-".

LK 110 SmartComfort is easy to install onto new as well as existing mixing valves.  The plug-in adapter provides quick and easy do-it-yourself installation. In case of a power outage the controller will keep its settings and the actuator will stop in its current position. By disengaging the controller, the mixing valve can be manually operated.

As most radiators are designed to perform when heating loads are at their highest, yet super cold "design" days are relatively rare, compensating for reduced loads with active mixing smoothes heating system operation.  Resetting supply temperatures based on outdoor temperature improves both thermal comfort and appliance efficiency.  Radiators run more quietly with lower temperature supply water.  When used with buffer tanks, Smartcomfort increases temperature stratification and reduces standby losses by reducing flow through the tanks.